H.E. Granton Samboja ,The Governor – County Government Of Taita Taveta.

I reassure you of a government fully dedicated to young people.

Taita Taveta, we are on the verge or realizing our ultimate potential. Across some factions we have been described as sleeping giants. And yes it is about time we woke up to this realization.

To the young people, much is before you and with a dedicated government I reassure you of the will to create an enabling government for you to access opportunities and thrive. We are focused on supporting education and equipping all learning and resource centers as a foundation to your progress.

I understand that there are brilliant yet needy young people out of school. I understand there are those who have skill yet no platform to put them into practices. I understand there are those with amazing ideas, skilled and talented yet I need of kick start capital or resources to scale up.

Regarding our Youth, Education, empowerment programs, entrepreneurship and financing opportunities are some of the key goals in sight of my administration.

We are amassing all the wit we need, setting up relevant structures and policies, creating partnerships with youth oriented organizations, mobilizing resources at large to ensure that in the end of my tenure, we shall have an informed, inspired and transformed all the youth in county 006.

Vijaanaa006. Wakati ni sasa, amka, changamka imarika.

Hon Bigvai Mwailemi , C.E.C. Ministry of Youth, Gender Culture & Sports-County Government of Taita Taveta County

On behalf of the entire youth docket we pledge a 101% commitment to you.

I am a true believer in the youth. It’s interesting that I equally serve alongside a very youthful leadership in our county from the Governor himself to her deputy, down to various departments heads and staff across all dockets.

The youth is a very interesting population that no economy around the globe can afford to ignore. So shall we. Through my docket since taking oath of office, I equally pledged a 101% commitment to delivery across all aspects of youth gender,sports and Culture and so on as mandated

It is an agenda that can only successfully be conquered if we engage you as young people and work collectively alongside all other county ministries at large. We definitely need your input and be free to engage us through every possible avenue, platform online , offline or by visiting the relevant offices.

Within our borders over 40 percent of our population is the youth. My dream is to have young people presented with opportunities across all realms of society, from sports to entrepreneurship. I equally look forward to an informed and transformed populace of young people dedicated towards a better today and tomorrow.

I invite all the vijanaa 006 on this journey of transformation. Together we are capable. Let’s join hands and make it happen.